Camp Quilombo

Camp Quilombo is A Wellness and Eco-cultural immersion camp! This camp is designed for children ages 5 and older, and it's curriculum is based around principles and activities that will reinforce self-awareness/control as well as social awareness & cooperative play. 
Camp Quilombo is a weeklong camp that is designed to be a prelude to the activities of the season, whether it is Summer or Fall. Again, the camp focuses on promoting the well being of a child, and the daily activities of the camp will encourage the participants to harness this sense of well being.
A quick note: we define well being as a state of wellness, which is being in good physical and mental/emotional health, infused with a sense of social and environmental responsibility/consciousness. 
Our curriculum will be guided by the fundamentals of Capoeira Angola as well as concepts of nutrition and ecology, with hands-on activities and food lessons.
Through capoeira & other cooperative games, upcycling projects, story time and structured and unstructured play, we offer kids tools that help them to gain emotional self-control, to develop better concentration, and to activate creativity and imagination, on both individual and social levels. 
While the schedule is rigid, the activities themselves allow for much freedom and independence, as well as social interactions and individual time. Our approach to the camp is an all encompassing Goethean/Reggio Emilia/Montessori/Nguyen-deFreitas style :), with the essential approaches to learning/teaching placed heavily on empathy, collectivity, and creativity!

This year we are excited to host three week-long camps, each week with a distinctive theme, designed to help your child develop the practice of mindfulness and creativity. All camps will run Monday-Friday from 9 am - 4 pm. The investment for one week of camp is $325 (early bird) or $375 (regular price). Please note that there is a 15% sibling discount and a 15% discount if you enroll and more than one camp (first Camp is full price!). Checks can be made payable to ICAF. Or QuickPay via Chase online at


The basic daily structure of camp is the following (and is approximate):

9-9:25   Key words/team building game
9:30-10 Meditation/Focus technique
10:05-11 Capoeira (music & movements) 
11:05-11:45 Lunch
11:50-1 Art project
1:05-1:35 Food/nutrition lesson
1:40-3:15 Trail* time/recess
3:20-3:55 Readings/decompression/meditation
3:55-4 Dismissal**

* As weather permits, we will be on the Bloomingdale Trail each day. Some days, we will walk to the closest feeder park, Julia de Burgos. One day, we will do a plant walk where we learn to identify native plants on the trail. So please bring sunscreen for your child, appropriate hats, etc. (Aside: This is why we have pushed this outdoor recess towards the latter part of the afternoon, when the sun rays are less potent. Ideally, it would be after 3, but we really are committed to having the kids come back to the Quilombo to bring closure to decompress after the day’s activities). If it is raining, there will be different stations set up indoors so that the campers can choose from a variety of activities that allow them to have free and “unregulated” play.

** On Fridays of each week, from 4:15-5:30 pm, there will be a Camp Quilombo Showcase, where campers will unveil, perform and/or present a glimpse of what a weeklong of mindful practice and dedication results in. Following the showcase will be a community potluck.